Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post Your Cool Feature Idea #14 Here

It's due Sunday, Nov. 28.


  1. A 19 year old OU student has breast cancer. She is scheduled to have surgery in December.

    How did she find out she had cancer? What does she go through? Within the scientific community, their has been debate over the proper age to get a mammogram.

    This is an in-depth story about what the student is going through, how breast cancer affects the body and how to detect "problems"

  2. An interesting feature idea would be about people who loves animals as if they are their own child.

    I think it would be interesting to look at all different kinds of animals that people take care of at home. Some animals like snake or porcupine.

    The wild animals that can only be seen in the forest and people owning them at their houses would be interesting to write about.

  3. I'd like to do a feature on the importance of supporting the Angel Tree and giving to people in need.

  4. I would like to do a immersion story on a profession writing a book. It's a very long process, and I think that it would be interesting to see how these people balance their research time with their obligations to teach.

  5. I would like to do a scene story over Christmas present shopping. The malls are crazy this time of the year and it is a challenge to find parking spots. Some individuals even wait until Christmas Eve to get all of their shopping done because they love the rush.