Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post Your Cool Feature Idea #11 Here

It's due Sunday, Nov. 7, too.


  1. Crossroads in the Union is open 24 hours.

    What's it like working the night shift?
    There is a woman who works there who is holding down two other jobs and raising a family. She knows the regulars by name and tells the drunk students "that's life." While talking to customers at 4 a.m., she said she can sleep when she's dead.

    Who is this woman? What is her name? Why is she working three jobs and why Crossroads?

  2. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Most people have the typical dinner with the turkey and stuffing. But, I have heard of other Thanksgiving traditions such as abandoning the tedious task of cooking a feast and going out for mexican food instead. Many people go out for Thanksgiving dinner because they do not want to be overwhelmed by the stress of cooking. I would like to write about unusual Thanksgiving traditions that families have.

  3. I think that it would be cool to do a story on bouncers in Norman. My fellow patrons and I know them as the people who check IDs, accept bribes, and say things like, "Jeremy you're too drunk... no puking in here...you gotta leave... you can't touch the strippers... no outside drinks...you still can't touch the strippers... no verbal threats...for the last time, DONT TOUCH THE STRIPPERS," but who are the men behind the steroids and chewing tobacco? What's their story?

  4. A feature idea for this week would be about a Japanese lady who is trying to persue her enterence to OU by taking some classes at the place called Center for English as Second Language. Her goal is to enter OU in the Spring semester after taking her TOEFL test and finish taking classes at CESL this semester.

  5. My feature for this week would be speaking with various models about their exercise schedules. Lately, a lot of models have been speaking out about the weight issues seen in the fashion industry. They have started healthy eating plans and healthy exercise routines designed to keep the body fit, and not lose weight. I would want to showcase these successful models being healthy in their lifestyles.