Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post Your Cool Feature Idea #15 Here

It's due Sunday, Dec. 15.

That's it, folks!


  1. With Christmas around the corner, many people start their own business of putting up Christmas lights to make a little extra cash during the holiday season. It would be interesting to talk with these people and figure out why they do it? Do the enjoy decorating the different houses? How much money do they make? What was there favorite house they decorated? A friend I have in Dallas puts up lights in the rich neighborhoods with the mansions, I'm sure there is someone from around here that does that as well.

  2. I would like to do a story on all the fun events that occur during "dead week". This is answer the question: Is dead week really dead? I would focus on events around campus and in the Norman community. Then, I would contrast that with a students perception of "dead week."

  3. Most college students have waited tables at least once in their life.

    What's it like? A day in the life of a student waiter/waitress.

    A sidebar for this story is the breakdown of who tips and who doesn't tip. Ex: Old people, generally great customers but they leave crappy tips. Business people are horrible customers but great tippers. And then you have the "pity" tippers or the stiffers.

  4. A cool feature would be about people who does Rubik's Cube as their hobby. I know a student who does Rubik's Cube and have been on a competition and won a prize for solving this in 20 seconds. He can even solve it in one hand which is pretty interesting.

  5. I know several students that have started a Ping Pong tournament on campus. I think it would be interesting to do a bit of an immersion feature on these students that took place over the several weeks of their tournament. It would be interesting to see how popular it became and to talk to the guys about their reasons for doing it.