Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Post Your Immersion Billboard Here

It was due Sunday, Nov. 14, but nobody noticed.


  1. Danielle Richard faces one of the most terrifying problems dancers could ever experience: an injury to her foot that could possibly prevent her from ever dancing again.

  2. Collins' politics stray from the mainstream in Oklahoma. In a state where political hopefuls campaign on being conservative, he takes pride in his more than four decades of union membership, indentifying himself as a labor Democrat. His politics make him an oddity in blue state that has turned dark red.

  3. Abby Thompson is stellar at golf and is considered third in state; with support from her family and other people in her life including her Bible study, Abby is able to remain confident and goal-driven.

  4. Kyle Powell dropped out of high school at the age of 15 due to his health and mental stability. Now 23, Kyle attends a General Education Development class two times a week in hopes of passing the GED test. The test is over seven hours long with five sections. In 2009, 69 percent who completed the test passed. Since the GED test became available in 1943, nearly 17.8 million people have passed. Kyle hopes to make that 17.9 million.

  5. A Japanese lady studies at the English center to improve her English skills to continue on with her career that she is most passionate about.

    Mayu Hashigaya, 23, is from Japan studying organ technology. She came to the United States to continue with her college education at OU. She chose to study in Oklahoma because this is one of the few colleges in the United States that offers this special program.

    Organ technology is a major, which focuses on the study of the structures of organs, learning how to build and fix various types of organs.

    Mayu has been living in Oklahoma for almost five months. She is finishing up her last session at the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) to meet the requirements of admission to OU’s graduate program.