Monday, September 13, 2010

Post Your Cool Feature Idea #4 Here


  1. A day in the life of a jewelry designer and metal-smith. Rebekah Martinez is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She was one of the fortunate to gain a job right out of college, and a prestigious one at that. Rebekah works for Ellen Tracey (a designer for Guess). What is a day in her life like for her? Where does she go? What does she do? Who does she interact with? How and why is her lifestyle different or similar to ours? I think this profile would be interesting because it shows a unique perspective from a young, starting designer, who is keeping her own style and being unique, while still working for a larger design house.

  2. The State Fair is a "have-to-go" event for Oklahomans. Whether it's for the car show or crafts, thousands of Oklahomans go to the fair each year.

    The owner of SUGAR custom cake shop, Christie, will be judging the fair's ugliest cake contest Sunday.

    So, what's it like to be a judge at the fair? Do you get free food? Do upset contestants hunt you down or thank you for a job well done? What's considered an ugly cake to an artist of fondant and cake mix?

  3. A cool feature idea this week can be about a student from OU who went on a trip to California by bicycle with a Russian friend. This trip happened in the summer and it took them three weeks and I believe they went on hitch hiking on their way back.

    So I was thinking of asking him about how he came up with the idea of doing this and some of their experiences on their way back and what all happened to them on their way to California.

    I am actually thinking of changing my immersion story idea to this one instead of the one about the Circle K International.

  4. Every week, the city of Norman has local music events at different venues around town, including Brother's Eatery & Pub and Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. I would like to go to these different events for a week and experience the Norman music scene. I would talk with local artists and see what their hopes are for the future. I also think it would be interesting to see what kind of genre of music is normally played at these venues and why certain people like to go to these local concerts weekly.

  5. For a cool feature idea, I would like to profile n OU marching band member. I would like to discover what goes into making the halftime and pregame shows. Also, what effort does it take focus on band/school/jobs/social life. And, if they have any interesting thoughts about the athletes and coaches of sports that involve their participation.