Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post Your Cool Feature Idea #2 Here


  1. Cool feature idea
    For this week’s cool feature story, I was thinking of writing about the incoming exchange students from different countries getting together and watching the OU football game on September 4th and experience the American culture for the first time. I would like to focus on their thoughts and experiences they have had with this.

  2. Cool Feature Idea:

    I found out this last week that Crimson and Whipped Cream, a cupcake bakery on campus corner, hosts a lot of different local clubs: book clubs, and even a cake club! I thought it would make a cool feature to go, and observe some of these clubs. I'd like to talk to the people in them about why they chose a bakery to meet. I'd also ask what makes this bakery so special to them.

  3. Who are the most hated people in Norman, true scum of the earth, and mindless robots of 'The Man'? OU Parking Police. They seem to be hated by almost everyone. Yet, they still do their jobs. Who are these people? What keeps them going? Are they oblivious of their reputation? I would answer these questions.

  4. For my cool feature idea this week, I was thinking about the Arabic House located on Lindsey and Elm street. Students who wish to practice their Arabic language skills and be submerged into the culture live in this house. I think it would be interesting to talk to the residents and see why they chose to live there and if it is helping their language skills more than just a classroom setting because they can practice speaking arabic all day long.

  5. This feature idea is a How-To for Norman.
    How-To start your own business. Recently several entrepreneurs have surfaced in Norman starting businesses such as Stash, Grey Owl Coffee, Birdie, etc. What's it take and how did they do it? What are the differences between when The Diner opened for business and The Pink Elephant? What are the legal logistics of starting your own business and what are some tips from those who've survived?
    Great places to interview: Native Roots; Grey Owl Coffee; The Diner; Pink Elephant; Birdie; the County Courthouse, etc.