Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Post Your Cool Feature Idea #9 Here

It's due Sunday, Oct. 24.


  1. Thursday night the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City hosted the first of a four part series: The Qur'an, learn it or burn it.

    I met a UCO student who recently converted to Islam. This is the second student I've heard converting since the semester began. I know an OU student converted at Think Fast.

    What is it like converting to Islam? What drives the decision and what are people's reactions when they tell them?

    What is a day in the life of a recent convert of Islam like?

  2. In today's society, many more people are disabled and trying to work- myself included. I personally am launching a website to further my career. I think it could be an interesting trend story to follow disabled students to see what they are doing to further their careers and not be contained by their diseases and disabilities. I don't think people like to talk about these kinds of subjects because they feel embarrassed for the disabled, but I think that these success stories need to be highlighted more.

  3. There are many interesting and unique clubs at OU. Examples could be Hogwarts on Campus and Jugglers Association. I think it would be interesting to find a few unique clubs that stand out and write a feature story about them. What spawned the idea to create a club like this? How is it finding people who have the same interests?

  4. I would like to do a story on the bathrooms at OU... what students think of them and how that effects them in their day to day lives. Let's face it, not all bathrooms are created equal, the bathrooms in Kaufman Hall are a step up from a hole in the ground, a very small step. Some in the library stink, some have stalls that are too tall, some never have soap, some never have people, some are clean, a some require a hepatitis shot before entering.

  5. One of the cool feature idea to work on is about the couples around the campus. I see some of the couples around the campus and one couple I know has some interesting story behind their marriage. I think it is interesting to focus on their marriage life at the same time being a full time student.