Tuesday, October 12, 2010

File Your Cool Feature Idea #8 Here

It's due Sunday, Oct. 17.


  1. For years people have debated fur versus faux fur. For a unique feature, I thought it would be interesting to observe the more human ways fur is being gotten for real fur clothing, and the new realistic synthetics being used for faux fur. I guess it would be a take on the classic fur versus faux fur battle, but with all of the new information incorporated for the readers personal knowledge.

  2. For a research topic feature story, I was thinking about writing about earthquakes that happen in Oklahoma. What were the students reactions. I would like to interview students about what they experienced during the earthquake last Wednesday. I would also like to interview someone who specializes in earthquakes at the National Weather Center in Norman.

  3. Maybe this is too newsy...

    Why are there so many cops in this town. I can hardly walk ten feet on campus corner during a weekend night with walking/stumbling into one. They are everywhere. How much does it cost to for their welcomed presence. There are police states with less police. Is there an alternative? Do they really prevent DUIs, or do they just want to make as many arrest as possible?

    And no, I have never received a DUI.

  4. Please, no one cover this story for The Daily: it had been pitched for Sooner.
    The Union is dead on a Thursday night at 11, except for a group of students who break dance outside of The Wire. They meet randomly but always in the Union at night. One of the dancers is Teki.
    Who break dances in the Union, and late at night? Why is it so irregular? How is break dancing being revived?

  5. For cool feature idea #8 I think it is interesting to focus on some jobs that are unusual. I visited the Fred Jones Museum and the people showing around the museum is somewhat different from just office jobs. So focusing on what the curators do at the museum and some of the interesting situations they face while working as a curator is an interesting story.