Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Post Your Immersion Story Proposal Here


  1. I have two ideas for my Immersion Story. The first idea centers around what we talked about on the first day. I think it would be interesting to follow Jonathan Kayne and his dress-making process as he creates a gown for a specific person, or I think it would interesting to watch him prepare and create for a runway show.
    My second idea is to follow an injured ballerina for the semester. There is one ballerina in the OU company that has to have surgery this December because of a stress fracture in her foot. She cannot dance en pointe, which is critical for her success in the dance college. She has decided to be creative to meet her class goals, and she is also auditioning for roles in dance productions, while injured. I thought it would be interesting to feature her because she is dealing with what all dancers fear, injury, and still fulfilling her dream, dancing.

  2. For the Immersion Story, I have several ideas including:
    Jo Beth and her friend Austin are having a child due in October. Both hate each other and Austin will soon be leaving for Army training. The problem is I haven't contacted Jo Beth for her consent.
    The second idea is:
    A student who is trying for his G.E.D. after dropping out of school several years ago. He is bi-polar and has several health issues which have interfered in the past with achieving his goals.
    And the third is following a freshman through their first semester of college.

    Currently I will be focusing on Jo Beth and her child with Austin if she allows me to write about the event.
    My second choice is the student going for his G.E.D.

  3. For my immersion story, I would like to follow a resident of an old peoples home (preferably one who is not doing so well) . I would like to focus on their relationships and how they have changed due to their current condition.

  4. For my immersion story, I would like to write about Abby Thompson, a junior in high school who is a very gifted golfer. She is considered 3rd in State overall and is the top 5 girl players in Edmond. Several colleges have already sent scouts to watch her play including Arkansas State. I think it would be interesting to follow up on Abby, go watch her play in tournaments, and write a story about her perseverance and determination to be noticed by colleges around the country.

  5. For my immersion story, I'm vaguely thinking of doing a "shadow" of a RA for a semester. I'm still bouncing this idea around in my head so I'm not sure if I want to run with it or not, but I guess this will be my "first draft" idea.

  6. For my immersion story, I was thinking of writing about the Circle K International. This is a student organization that meets every Wednesday to do volunteer work such as community service, visiting retirement homes and etc. I hope to focus on some of the activities they do and the unique way of friendship they gain from going to the activities this organization holds.