Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Immersion Story Ideas

Here are some of the immersion stories produced by students in previous classes:

-preparing for the MCAT exam
-student teacher's trial by fire
-cutting away in cadaver class
-OU women's Ultimate Frisbee team
-final weeks of a 14-year-old's pregnancy
-ballet dancer's big moment
-shedding 14 pounds on Weight Watchers
-former preacher struggling with homelessness
-preparing the stage set for a high school musical
-dog shelter volunteer falls in love with puppy
-Norman jam band rehearses for stardom
-two sorority sisters give up sweets for Lent
-diabetic student's daily ordeals
-hippies squabbling over a community garden
-OU Symphony preparing for a show
-campaigning for CAC chair
-Sooner Racing Team preparing to peel out
-recording sessions for a new CD
-high school senior preparing for graduation
-woman preparing to be a cop
-children's community theater

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